Custom CMS

Viox Digital uses CMS for much greater scalability, allowing enhanced functionality and integration of data management technologies, to offer a greater level of adaptability and functionality than available HTML or proprietary solutions.

A Content Management System or CMS website allows for you or your employees to add and edit content on your website from an administrative panel which is secured with a password.

If you need to change your website frequently, you should consider a CMS website instead of a static website.

Content Management Systems or CMS is software that makes automated loading process for digital library content and website maintenance more systematic and easier.

Features include:

Security Password protected logins enabling multiple users with multiple roles
Standardization Templates of web sites and site sections
Simplified Content Creation allows users to create and edit content
Task Automation allows creation of menus, navigation tools, sitemaps, RSS feeds, etc.
Simplified CMS supports “plug-ins” to provide functions such as blogs, email list and usage statistics
CMS Saves time and reduces the reliance on technical services

Viox Digital Content Management Systems allows you to effectively manage your own site changes and updates. These systems are useful because you do not need HTML training in order to add new pages or to edit or delete content for your site.

What we Do

We create custom CMS platforms for clients that need a specifically tailored solution for a website or web-based system. Some of the noteworthy benefits that we offer along with our custom CMS Services include the following:

Deliverables exactly as per the scope of the project

Comprehensive CMS implementation and support

Highly scalable CMS Solutions

Best technology at affordable cost

Keep Your Website Optimized and SEO Friendly

Dedicated and experienced project manager

Our EasyDesign CMS Features

Our easy-to-use Content management system (CMS) can enable you to create, edit and publish your website content, including the following

Update the website text, links

Unlimited Page Management

Photo gallery

Product catalogues

Website banners & graphics

Secure logins

Links and menu management

Simple HTML Editor


SEO friendly structure

Social media integration

Google Map integration

Our professional services

Template Development

We will give you a pixel perfect, SEO-friendly, cross-platform and standards-compliant foundation on which to build your site.

Custom CMS Programming

If you're looking to develop a custom application or a feature that EasyDesign doesn’t already include, let us build it for you.

Site Migrations

Are you looking to move your site to EasyDesign CMS? Let us handle the migration for you, or help your team speed up the process.

Lets Get Your Project Started

At Viox Digital, we focus strongly on function and usability and train you to manage your website as a business asset. We turn every project over to our professional technicians, shaping it from every angle of the digital space to create a high Return on Investment or ROI.

We assist our clients in leveraging their existing online internet investment to ensure their business is taking advantage of the Internet today and growing their business revenue for tomorrow.

We go beyond the limit to ensure that your content is delivered in ways that visitors can find the information they seek instinctively and fast, resulting in a positive and productive user experience.

We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business.


Things we have Done

We are building bridges in web technology in order to connect the client’s goal to reality